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Good things and bad things about posting a tutorial - casanova_jaime
Good things and bad things about posting a tutorial
The tutorial I posted on 3dtotal.com brought both good and bad things.

The bad things were: I included my website and email links on the tutorial and the days prior to the publishing I started receiving spam mail containing viruses but I don't download these so there's no problem. The other problem was that some strange users registered to my forum and when I checked the websites they included in their profile I found that these were porno sites!! So I installed a mod to prevent robots from registering, I think that problem is solved now.

The good things the tutorial brought: I received an email from a new friend in India who contacted me through the tutorial, he is trying to get a job in the UK and is asking me for advice and more tutorials. He work in something like interior design stuff in 3D so I gave him some advices to improve his work. It feels great to be asked for advice!! I hope I'm helping him to achieve his goal! It's not so usual that people ask for help directly like he does, that's a huge advantage over other artists I think.

I also realized that some of the advices I gave him will work for me too, like I tell him to show his work all over the place, in magazines, online and wherever he can, so people will start knowing he is an artist and other artists could tell him how to improve. I wish I had this kind of advices while I was still studying, but I was affraid of my work being criticized and of me being seen as a beginer, but... well... I was and I will be forever. I'll be learning all my life, so I started reading tutorials again and posting images of my work in forums. I'll post some images here right now:

These were done a year ago for a project on the film school:

I think I could upload the completed project. I just have to look for it in my pile of nameless dvd's.
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