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Feeling great!! - casanova_jaime
Feeling great!!
Today I received a very good, unexpected, and surprisingly news.

A few weeks ago I submited a tutorial named "How to render in less time" to http://www.3dtotal.com . They said they will email me noticing if my tutorial was accpeted but they didn't, so I thought my tutorial wasn't as useful as I had thought or maybe the info it contained wasn't accurate. In this tutorial I explained how I do some things and thought that the professionals at 3dtotal.com disagreed with my way of doing things.

Today I received the "3dtotal monthly newsletter" and I was checking the new artists galleries and tutorials and all of a sudden I read "How to render in less time" by Jaime Casanova, I was amazed! my name sound kind of strange there, like if it was somebody else, jaja

They corrected my grammar and spelling, jeje, this makes me feel ashame because I used to have a very good english, but I don't speak it frequently now.

It feels great to know that someone will read my tutorial and follow my advices (I hope this happens, jaja) The 3dtotal newsletter has 17,000+ subscribers!! Can you believe that? 17,000 subscribers viewing that my tutorial exists and posibly reading it!!

The tutorial is here http://www.3dtotal.com/team/Tutorials_2/rendering_time/rendering_01.asp

My site has 1356 visitors today at 8pm, I'll check tomorrow again to see if the tutorial helped bringing more people (my website link was included in the tutorial :D )

This really gives me more confidence to write more tutorials, I feel I'm in the right way to be a succesful artist, jiji.

See ya!

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