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My download section is now working right - casanova_jaime
My download section is now working right
Hey there! If you entered my site and tried to download my wallpapers, you may have found that the download section was all messed up, specially if you are using Internet Explorer 7.

I have corrected the layout now and you will experience no problems (hope so). If you have other troubles please let me know, I'm still learning all this html stuff.

You can visit my download section clicking this link: www.hamacastudios.com/downloads1.html

I'll be releasing more wallpapers and my FREE 3d comic book soon! Subscribe to my newsletter if you want to know when this great event happens!!

You can go to the subscribe page by clicking the next image:

Hamaca Studios publishes ComicBooks, art books, short live action and animated films and series

Have a great week!!

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