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It's been a while since I last posted something here!

I'm writing today to invite you to check out my "3D animation digital online amazing-super-awesome webcomic".

Please comment here to let me know what you think about it.

Remember to subscribe to the 3d webcomic newsletter and download some wallpapers and the first episode of the 3d animation digital webcomic.

If you like it, feel free to share it with your friends.

Have fun!!

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Hey there! If you entered my site and tried to download my wallpapers, you may have found that the download section was all messed up, specially if you are using Internet Explorer 7.

I have corrected the layout now and you will experience no problems (hope so). If you have other troubles please let me know, I'm still learning all this html stuff.

You can visit my download section clicking this link: www.hamacastudios.com/downloads1.html

I'll be releasing more wallpapers and my FREE 3d comic book soon! Subscribe to my newsletter if you want to know when this great event happens!!

You can go to the subscribe page by clicking the next image:

Hamaca Studios publishes ComicBooks, art books, short live action and animated films and series

Have a great week!!

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Hello again!

If you have read my latest entries you will know that I wrote a tutorial that was published at www.3dtotal.com, you can read it in this link: http://www.3dtotal.com/team/Tutorials_2/rendering_time/rendering_01.asp

This tutorial was announced twice at the 3dtotal.com's monthly newsletter and I made two friends in India because they liked it.

Today I received an email from a girl that works for an editorial asking me if I was interested in writing a book about Maya!! The idea is exciting but right now I need a lot of time for my projects, as I'm starting my company and have no employees yet, I do everything by myself.

The editorial has many books about scriptwritting and diverse softwares written by awarded people. It looks like a serious company.

I would like to write many books about filmmaking, animation and CG graphics but maybe today I don't have enough knowledge to write a book full of pages about Maya. Maybe I do but have to focus, when I start writing, nothing can stop me, look right now! i can't stop! i can't stop! haha.

I replied her asking what kind of information she wants the book to be about, maybe I could write it if I know enough about the subject and if there's enough money to pay someone to take care of my projects.

I'm amazed at the power of my tutorial !! hahaha


ps. Remember to visit my site at TwistedSofia.com where you can find my 3D animated webcomic and subscribe to my newsletter to receive my free 3d comic books, exclusive 3d wallpapers, and news about upcoming publications.

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I've just created the "Coming soon" banner for my site, it's the one displayed here, or, if you want to see the full site design visit http://www.hamacastudios.com/

I will appreciate all kind of feedback.

Hamaca Studios publishes ComicBooks, art books, short live action and animated films and series

If you want to paste this banner somewhere in your profile or blog, you can do it by copy/pasting the code below:

Be happy!

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My hosting service stinks. Period

I'll change right away. Does anyone knows a hosting service called AN hosting? It's said that they have won some awards and stuff, and I found them on a site where they recommended a top 10 hosting service providers.

Any recommendation?

By the way, I think my site is up now. Sorry if you experienced problems before. The link is http://www.hamacastudios.com

Hope you like the new look :D

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Hey there! I have just finished uploading the new look of my site www.hamacastudios.com

It really needed a new look, I didn't liked the first I had done and the new one looks a little bit more professional (i think...)

If anyone wants to check it out and tell me what you think and if you find an error you could report it so i can do something before it's too late.

Tomorrow I will add the wallpapers to the download section and hope to design new ones that match a little bit more the new look soon.

Hope you could comment on this! your opinion is really important for me

Have fun!

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The tutorial I posted on 3dtotal.com brought both good and bad things.

The bad things were: I included my website and email links on the tutorial and the days prior to the publishing I started receiving spam mail containing viruses but I don't download these so there's no problem. The other problem was that some strange users registered to my forum and when I checked the websites they included in their profile I found that these were porno sites!! So I installed a mod to prevent robots from registering, I think that problem is solved now.

The good things the tutorial brought: I received an email from a new friend in India who contacted me through the tutorial, he is trying to get a job in the UK and is asking me for advice and more tutorials. He work in something like interior design stuff in 3D so I gave him some advices to improve his work. It feels great to be asked for advice!! I hope I'm helping him to achieve his goal! It's not so usual that people ask for help directly like he does, that's a huge advantage over other artists I think.

I also realized that some of the advices I gave him will work for me too, like I tell him to show his work all over the place, in magazines, online and wherever he can, so people will start knowing he is an artist and other artists could tell him how to improve. I wish I had this kind of advices while I was still studying, but I was affraid of my work being criticized and of me being seen as a beginer, but... well... I was and I will be forever. I'll be learning all my life, so I started reading tutorials again and posting images of my work in forums. I'll post some images here right now:

These were done a year ago for a project on the film school:

I think I could upload the completed project. I just have to look for it in my pile of nameless dvd's.
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Today I received a very good, unexpected, and surprisingly news.

A few weeks ago I submited a tutorial named "How to render in less time" to http://www.3dtotal.com . They said they will email me noticing if my tutorial was accpeted but they didn't, so I thought my tutorial wasn't as useful as I had thought or maybe the info it contained wasn't accurate. In this tutorial I explained how I do some things and thought that the professionals at 3dtotal.com disagreed with my way of doing things.

Today I received the "3dtotal monthly newsletter" and I was checking the new artists galleries and tutorials and all of a sudden I read "How to render in less time" by Jaime Casanova, I was amazed! my name sound kind of strange there, like if it was somebody else, jaja

They corrected my grammar and spelling, jeje, this makes me feel ashame because I used to have a very good english, but I don't speak it frequently now.

It feels great to know that someone will read my tutorial and follow my advices (I hope this happens, jaja) The 3dtotal newsletter has 17,000+ subscribers!! Can you believe that? 17,000 subscribers viewing that my tutorial exists and posibly reading it!!

The tutorial is here http://www.3dtotal.com/team/Tutorials_2/rendering_time/rendering_01.asp

My site has 1356 visitors today at 8pm, I'll check tomorrow again to see if the tutorial helped bringing more people (my website link was included in the tutorial :D )

This really gives me more confidence to write more tutorials, I feel I'm in the right way to be a succesful artist, jiji.

See ya!

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This is the first thing I've ever written on a journal, should it start with "dear diary..."? jaja

I don't think so!!!

Anyone reading this should know I will not hesitate on using this to post some of my works, so I'll throw my website link at you now: http://www.hamacastudios.com/

and, believe me, I could saturate this entry with images but I don't know how, so I will search for the LJ instruction manual until I find how and then I'll be back.... oh yeah i'll be back... when I get myself some spare time again.... in two weeks orrrrrr maybe next week if I advance a lot on my comic book and finish the new look of my site.

See you soon journal!!
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